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Orange is Holy

and so are you.

Spring Dew
Spring Dew

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[QuitMeter is brokened. My quit date is 28 May 2006.]

Hi! I'm Spring. I'm not a geek, but I play one on TV. Actually I am a nerd and a geek-groupie. I don't always get things done but I do solve problems. I'm good in a crisis. Day-to-day stuff wears me the hell out. I do a little bit of almost everything.

These days I am posting hand-captured Doctor Who screencaps at timey-wimey.com. I was becoming frustrated with screencap sites that have mechanically-acquired caps because the ones I visited had huge amounts of useless images to sift through and frequently missed capturing the moments I did want. I wasted lots of time looking and did very little finding. Since I was starting to do all my own caps, it just made sense to share. Let me say again: Hand captured! With my own hands!

My mission in life is to help people feel things clearly, to learn and grow, to experience as much as possible, and to take my experiences with me to the next adventure.

I have special filters for some of my posts. If you are interested, more about that is here.

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