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On morons

Looks like the winner of my poll is:

Kawasaki Eliminator!

I'm glad because that's the one I like best as well.

In related news, an open letter:
Dear semi-truck driver and drivers of various gray SUVs and the occasional Audi,

My vehicle is a motor scooter, classified as and subject to the same laws as a motorcycle. No, I do not get to drive it in the bicycle lane, no matter how wildly you gesticulate, flail, and point. If you don't like that, consult a lawmaker. It's not my department.

My commute occurs on a street. Not a highway, freeway, or Interstate. There is no law governing lane selection based on speed with respect to streets in this area. You may select any lane you like, as long as it serves your direction of travel. Once you are ready to make a turn, you must be in the lane nearest that turn, but in between turns, choose whatever lane pleases you.

Lane selection on streets is often based on upcoming turns. Many people like to use the left lane if they have an upcoming left turn. It's not unusual for a person to choose a right lane if they plan on turning right. People who have no intention of turning anytime soon frequently choose a center lane for ease and consistency of speed. None of this is mandatory. Do what works for you.

Highways are different. Conventional wisdom (and law in many states) is that slower traffic must keep right, and passing is meant to occur on the left. Yes, I realize that many drivers don't adhere to sorting and lane selection by speed. I do. Highways work best that way.

Not streets.

So, flying up behind me on a street, honking, flashing your headlights, making hand signals, and shouting out of your window gains you nothing but an ugly label, especially if I happen to be going the speed limit while you plainly are not. If you crowd me too close (one car length or more is fine), I must slow down in order to avoid stopping short and getting rear ended. If you don't like it, you have more lanes available for selection. This is South Florida. You usually have at least three lanes.

And insisting that I move into a lane currently occupied by a Mac truck tells me that you are a moron. Your opinion, accordingly, is discarded.

Thank you.

No love,
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