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Voting in South Florida

Early voting is open in FL and I'd love to go do it, but I don't know anything about any of these other clowns candidates. I don't feel good about going to vote before I've done any research at all. Guess I better hurry up and get on it.

Look what I found while looking for a comparison voting guide on the lesser known candidates - VoteSmartFlorida's Non-Partison Amendment Information Page.

Here's a guide by the Palm Beach Post for comparing candidates based on their answers to questions posed them. It looks like the Sun-Sentinel is using the same tool although it has different steps after the address input portion. Here are the Sun-Sentinel endorsements and Palm Beach Post endorsements. Also, here is an explanation of the proposed amendments by the Sun-Sentinel; the Palm Beach Post's endorsements were a bit harder to search for this informaion. Another explanation of the amendments from the Orlando Sentinel, even though it's not local to me.
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