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Courtesy spaceninja:
Want this and this. Here they are together:

Then I'll be wanting all my old hard drives that are mixed in with SPC's stuff.


[blank] for Obama sign generator.


Earlier today:

D-Lub: I turned my back and the food was gone.

What he thought I said: We fell upon it with the frenzy of my anus.

What I said: We fell upon it with the frenzy of hyenas.


As seen from _chandra - Go to google.com and type in [your name] followed by each word to find a sentence about yourself. (Theoretically, it will most likely be about someone else, though, unless you're a celebrity). : ) Putting it in quotes will help you get back a good sentence.

Spring Needs a Place to Crash

looks like
Spring looks like a washout for housing market

We say "Hello" but Spring says "Goodbye"

Spring Wants to be Here, But....

Spring does not release my objects Core Container.

Spring hates mending.

Spring asks Curley a question.

Spring Goes Bald For Us

Spring Likes Bamboo

Spring Eats Flowers

In Germany, Spring Wears White


I've been covering my hair at work for the past few weeks. Some of the reasons given:

1. Changing my religion.
2. Cosmetology accident.
3. Fell asleep smoking.
4. Coworker spilled aquarium chemicals on me.
5. Medication makes my hair fall out.
6. Bubble gum.
7. Head wound.
8. Acid rain.
9. Helmet hair.
10. Male pattern baldness.
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