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“The group that became known as the Royal Borough of Cynnabar was founded on July 23, 1978, at the main stage of the Ann Arbor Medieval Festival”
The Briefer History of the Shire of Cynnabar by David Hoornstra

That makes this our 30th year anniversary! And that’s as good an excuse for a party as there is!

On Sunday the 28th of September 2008 come join Cynnabar as we celebrate 30 years of fun and friends.

We have rented the big pavilion at Island Park (1450 Island Drive in Ann Arbor), and will be hosting an afternoon of picnicking, games, and fun for all.

And you’re invited!

We’ll be starting the fun at 11am and will go until people leave. There will be set-up starting a little after 10am; feel free to show up and lend a hand. The plan is to fire the grills up around noon and then dig in!

This will be a barbeque potluck. That means that we are asking everyone to bring 2 things: a main dish to grill for themselves, and either a side dish of some sort (if your mundane last name starts with the letters A-O) or a dessert (if your mundane last name starts with the letters P-Z). Don’t go crazy (unless you want to!) - this is a modern picnic, not a grand feast. Please remember to bring a serving utensil.

We have a liquor license, so feel free to bring some booze.

You may want to bring chairs or blankets - we have a few picnic tables but no idea of how many people to expect. You will notice that we didn’t mention drinks above - bring your own beverages. If you have an extra grill you might want to bring it; the pavilion has a double-sized one, but more would be better.

If you have outdoor games please bring them: croquet, bocce ball, volleyball, etc.

This is going to be a kid-friendly zone. Lots of people will be bringing their children. There is a nice little playground in the park and lots of room to run around.

We will also be holding our Sunday fight practice; all are welcome to join in.

Knowing us, this should probably be said - this is a garb-optional shindig [emphasis added for reebar's benefit].

Please contact me: Slyme/DeForest/Arnie at seneschal --AT-- cynnabar.org if you can make it, what you are bringing, and if you have questions. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE email this to anybody you know who might be interested! Bring friends, family, significant others, partners and spouses. The point, after all, is to see old friends and to make new ones!

Cynnabar Website

Knight Marshal Site

The event is billed on the calendar as also being a "Kill & Grill" - a regular monthly occurrence for, well, fighting and eating. Sounds fun!
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