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Light the Night Update

So I asked Eileen, the team captain for Danny's Angels, if she would mind if a bunch of us walked with her for Rosemary. She wrote:
Mind? No way! The goal is to support as many memories and people as we can since the resources are so limited here in Florida for those stricken - the more the merrier! This year I am not happy to have to add two more close people to the list of those we are walking for - my landlord and friend was just diagnosed with MM (a multiple form of lymphoma that is deadly) and was turned away by more than 5 doctors because she has no health insurance. And a friend Mike Milito, who I never met but spend countless hours on the phone with me when Danny was first diagnosed and helped me more than I can say who lost the battle last year to MM. I would have to say that a good part of those who donate are doing so in memory of someone other than Danny. Danny is the winner, the front runner for the hope that we can make a difference and have more survivors. I am making a new collage for the team page, so if you have a good picture of her you would like to include, please do send it over.

That was my personal primary reason for joining the LLS in raising funds and awareness, to bring hope to others by example. I get chills up and down my spine at this event when I talk to another survivor, there are not many, but I do try to reach out to all of them that I know are at the walk - they are the true heroes. You will find there are others this year with the same motivation, and I am thrilled we will all be there for one common goal - to kick this disease back to the hell it came from ;) I am passionate about this, can you tell ? :) We're gonna win BIG!!!

So come on out, wear purple if you feel like it, but walk with us and kick some ass! I know a lot of people who have to work that night. I'm looking into what I can do about that. Let me know if you are interested, because that will help me make it happen.
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