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Particle physics yay

I have an enforced break. My college's online education system is down for routine maintenance. Yee ha.

Environmental photographer of the year.

The woman in my picture is returning home from the paddy field after a long day at work. She never thought a village woman could be the subject of a photograph, so when I told her I’d like to take a picture of her, she just laughed.

Tips on using a planner agenda at school - my kids do not have these mad skillz. Also I found a high school in Schenectady that teaches agenda use to freshmen at the start of first semester. I wrote to them to ask if I can have a copy of the materials. The administrator said she'd look into it. Very, very nice.

New time killer. Play with a pet spider.

Firefox 3 = fail. I really need "undo close tab". Also, in all the Firefox 3 installations I have running, "recently closed tabs" under "history" is grayed out. Need them.

For wlofie - Tundratarp.

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Invader Zim and NASCAR.
The story should use an orgy as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

skintalker is looking for a good gig.

If anyone really likes where they work, and thinks they may have use of a principal engineer, lead engineer, database engineer, or something along those lines I'd love to hear from you.

My experience is pretty well split at this point between LAMP and C#/SQL Server, with all of the assorted web technologies that go in that soup. I've also got a smattering of geospatial and Oracle from my last couple of jobs, and a fair amount of Unreal Engine experience (though I doubt that matters in most cases, I can dream).

I do need a few particulars that make job searching a bit of a challenge- I need to stay withing about 40 min drive of Arlington, MA (though, of course, I would prefer to bike), I need some flexible hours to work around kid scheduling, and well, I need a fat paycheck. In return I offer a mighty work ethic, a pretty broad range of experience, and a strong ability to say "no" to bad plans.

My studio knows that I'm looking and understands completely, so feel free to signal boost if you care to.

If you know anybody who might know a place, please give a shout.

I passed one of these on Congress on the way in to work today yesterday.

Omg wants it. Or at least to love on it in a lascivious manner.

We used to rent these all the time in California. They are great for boardwalk-type areas. More interesting bicycles here.

Here, have some great big gorgeous pictures of the destroyer of worlds. CERN's LHC is supposed to do the real stuff 21 October. @cern already has 2100 followers. I should run a pool for how many there will be when the first experiment runs.
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