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Only mildly amusing things

This video makes my head hurt. CrackSugar-addled hyperactive children, though, would probably love it.

For wlofie - anmother design for an alcohol stove, the supercat. We wouldn't have to throw out the cat food, though, unlike the author.

Via aeamek - LOLcats sandman.

The LOLcat Bible is now much more substantial than it was last time I looked. Some of the passages are poetry. I think I will frame some.

For my non-SCA friends who may have gotten the impression from me that SCA = combat (since those are the only pictures I ever show), here's a set of pictures from the Arts & Sciences portion of Pennsic 37. Each item has been thoroughly researched, and the paperwork depicted is the documentation of that research.

P.S. I just discovered I have tags for both cat macros and LOLcats. These need consolidating.
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