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Scooter stats

Early fuel economy figures for the Mickey the scooter are in.

Make: Yamaha
Model: C3
Model Year: 2008
Advertised Mileage: 115 miles per gallon

Evaluation Period: 07/29/2008 - 08/28/2008
Mileage This Period: 105.8 miles per gallon
Total Fuel Cost This Period: $27.95
Fuel Cost Per Mile This Period: $0.04

I've put roughly 750 miles on it this past month. Mileage started out stronger, at 109.5 mpg, dropped gradually to 102 fill-up-before-last, and then rose to 103.3 this last one. I could blame it on wind, except that the past week has been much windier than the rest of the time. Type of fuel has been reasonably consistent, with fill-ups happening at the Sunoco on Congress and Clint More most of the time, at the lowest octane level most of the time
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