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I just like words like syneresis and retinopathy

AMERICA: Do not be fooled! John Mccain is NOT Saul Tigh!

Current ideal vacation: lock self away for hours, watching House. Don't worry, the obsession will be over relatively soon.

Ooh, Muslim couture:


Speekina, need more 1) business wear and 2) clothes for church. Need also to get rid of the bushels of stuff I love but don't ever get around to wearing.

Finally got around to researching the eye floaters that threaten to drive me out of my mind sometimes, particularly when I'm having headaches. They're rather large, and they interfere even when I'm not looking at bright things. I've had them for years, no idea when they first set in. Heh, one website I looked at recommended dealing with floaters by moving the eye suddenly. That does not work.

Spent most of my life myopic, though the right eye has gone farsighted now, but that's a factor in floater development. I may not wait for my November checkup to get them looked at. My optometrist pretty well dismissed them, and the research shows floaters to be generally dismissible, but I'd like these to at least get diagnosed. If they fit the profile, I'd be awfully tempted to go up to DC and have them lasered. Allegedly, my insurance covers it.

I'd also like to find out if I'm a candidate for lasik for the left one. It's so bad that I can only get corrected to 20/40 tops. The right one, I like as it is, minus the floaters.

Possibly ...

-- vitreous syneresis - liquefaction of the gel in the eyeball occurs in pockets, the boundaries of which can be visible as floaters.

-- collagen fibers

-- posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) - the vitreous shrinks with age and begins to pull away from the wall of the eye. The boundary itself can look like floaters, or some of the tissue that attaches the optical nerve to the retina can come loose and start floating. A particular kind are Weiss rings - circular or C-shaped.

-- blood cells - could have occurred due to diabetic retinopathy, a retinal tear through a blood vessel, or eye surgery, inflammation in the vitreous caused by uveitis, injury, infection, or eye surgery. Except I'm not diabetic, have had no eye surgery, and don't recall any infection or injury.

Hmmmm. My optometrist said that mine are broken off blood vessels, but not to worry, they're harmless. They'll never go away, though they can be coaxed to settle to the bottom of the eye.

Universe, I am ready to receive the gift of eye surgery.

Not very hungry today. Wonder what happened. Encroaching headache as well.
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