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Monsters or not? A very brief Doctor Who episode guide - Series 2

Another installment in a continuing series of episode guides to Doctor Who.  Because I really don't want to attempt homework right now.

Under construction, but posted in the clear in case you want to see it grow.

Series 2 (New Series)

"New Earth"

New New Doctor takes Rose far into the future to New New York on New - well you get the drift - where the Doctor receives a mysterious summons and Rose bumps into an old adversary.  A certain bitchy trampoline.

Monsters: Lots.
Emotional wank: No.

"Tooth and Claw"

Queen Victoria is not so surprised to find herself in the middle of yet another assassination plot.  What surprises the Doctor is just why, and what it has to do with werewolves.

Monsters: One.
Emotional wank: No.

"School Reunion"

Sarah Jane Smith is investigating a very weird school.  Mickey Smith calls in the Doctor and Rose to do the same.  Corniness ensues.

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Yes.

"Girl in the Fireplace"

Time Lords do NOT mind meld. Nor do they snog the mistresses of kings.  I mean, really.  Ok this is kind of a hot episode and not very Doctor Who-ish, but this is the one where the clockwork men come to France to stalk Madame du Pompadour.

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Yes.

"Rise of the Cybermen"
"The Age of Steel"

You know you're in a parallel world when there are blimps.  There are blimps.  And the guy who owns the communications infrastructure plans to upgrade people to a perfect form.  Rose's not-dead-dad has something to say about this.

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Yes.

"The Idiot's Lantern"

Monsters: One. Sort of.
Emotional wank: No.

"The Impossible Planet"
"The Satan Pit"

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: A teeny bit.

"Love & Monsters"

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Oddly, not really.

"Fear Her"

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: No.

"Army of Ghosts"

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Very yes.
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