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Monsters or not? A very brief Doctor Who episode guide - Series 4 and 3

[info]reebar likes Doctor Who, but he doesn't care for episodes with too much emotional wank.  He does like episodes with monsters, though, especially if the Doctor gets to be a badass.  Here are some very brief descriptions of Doctor Who new series episodes, starting with the most recent series.  Heavy on the pictures, but they help with the "oh, yes THAT one" factor.

Series 4 (New Series)

"Partners in Crime"

The Doctor becomes interested in a company whose product seems to magically make fat disappear off a million Britons.  Unbeknownst to him, his one-shot companion bride Donna is also interested.  Hilarity ensues.

Monsters: Not really.
Emotional wank: No.  Well, okay a teensy bit, but it's really small.

"The Fires of Pompeii"

It's supposed to be volcano day, but the seers of Pompeii aren't all that concerned.  Could be their volcano's been hijacked?

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Yes.

"Planet of the Ood"

We met the Ood before, on the Impossible Planet.  But where do they come from?  And what's happening to them to make them red-eyed and extra violent?

Monsters: Be civilized; the Ood are people.
Emotional wank: None of the relationship sort, thanks.

"The Sontaran Stratagem"
"The Poison Sky"

A two-part revisit from a classic Doctor Who opponent - the Sontaran warrior race.  Lots of fighting.

Monsters: The Sontarans are people too.
Emotional wank: Not so very much.

"The Doctor's Daughter"

Humans vs. fishlike Hath in a bleak world where soldiers are manufactured ready for combat.

Monsters: The Hath are people as well.
Emotional wank: Yes.

"The Unicorn and the Wasp"

A giant wasp, a jewel thief, and a murder mystery with Agatha Christie right in the thick of it.

Monsters: One.
Emotional wank: Very little.

"Silence in the Library"
"Forest of the Dead"

Two parts.  My favorite.  Mysterious depopulation of planet-wide library.  Mysterious archaeologist entirely too familiar with the Doctor.

Monsters: >1,000,000,000,000 of them, but you can't see them.  Well, okay, you can count the walking skeletons if you want.
Emotional wank: Yes.


Doctor goes on a bus trip in a hazardous environment.  Humans suck.

Monsters: One, but it's entirely invisible.  Well, unless you count the humans.  Then it's more like seven.
Emotional wank: Yes, but of a completely different sort - no relationship drama.

"Turn Left"

Alternate reality story containing new versions of events from previous episodes, focusing on Donna.

Monsters: One, but you don't get to see it much.
Emotional wank: Not much, but more of this than monsters.

"The Stolen Earth"
"Journey's End"

Two-part story.  Daleks again, only much more powerful and scarier.  Their super-creepy creator has been resurrected from the Time War and they can unmake reality.

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Lots.

Series 3 (New Series)

"Smith and Jones"

A hospital gets hijacked to the moon because the mercenary police Jidoon are looking for somebody.  Medical student Martha Jones is swept up in it.

Monsters: Yes, police.
Emotional wank: A smidgen.

"The Shakespeare Code"

Witches want to use the power of the Great Bard to take over our world.

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Nope.


Martha gets kidnapped and taken away into a planetary traffic jam with beasties in the bottom of it.

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Yes.

"Daleks in Manhattan"
"Evolution of the Daleks"

Oh god, Daleks again.  They're using the just-being-completed Empire State Building in their nefarious plans to take over the Universe again.

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Yes.

"The Lazarus Experiment"

Also titled, "Why You Shouldn't Perform Genetic Experiments on Yourself."  Should have been called, "Dr. Lazarus is a Dumbass."

Monsters: You only need one.
Emotional wank: Thankfully not.


Entire episode is realtime speed.  Crew of spaceship has 42 minutes to figure out why it's plummeting into a sun and rectify the matter.  Flame possessed crewmembers would rather they didn't.

Monsters: I don't know if they count.
Emotional wank: Only the teensiest bit.

"Human Nature"
"The Family of Blood"

Strangest episode ever.  Doctor becomes human to elude creatures that want to use and abuse his talents.  Does not remember himself.  Doesn't elude them for very long, though.

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Yes.


Very little Doctor and Martha in this one.  Sally must help the Doctor defeat creepy stone angels who send people back in time to get rid of them.  They've already got the Doctor and Martha, so Sally's having to work with his clues from the past.

Monsters: Oh, yes.
Emotional wank: Some.

"The Sound of Drums"
"Last of the Time Lords"

Complicated three-parter.  The Master has been in hiding as a thoroughly charming human (also not remembering himself) at the end of the Universe. Once reconstituted, he comes to present-day London and is elected Prime Minister.  Promptly takes over world.  Nasty consequences.

Monsters: God, yes.
Emotional wank: Yes.  Some of it messianic, even.

Christmas Special
"Voyage of the Damned"

Starship Titanic is sabotaged.  The Doctor and a newfound friend must keep it from crashing into Earth on Christmas Day.

Monsters: Yes.
Emotional wank: Little bit.

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