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Spring Dew

Feels like a second Monday

Good morning! New schedule means alarm goes off at
4:30 AM !!!
That's a little ... new.  But I actually got some schoolwork done today.  Oh!  Scored an A on Organizational Behavior. *victory dance* Now I'm only taking two courses for the rest of the term.  Midterms for one of them this week, midterms for the other next week.  Essay questions for both - bye bye multiple guess.  But it'll be fine.

Got us registered for music school today too.  Violin for The Younger and me, keyboard for The Elder.  Monday nights.  Fortunately the homework is not that intensive.  Unless they changed something.

Today is plainly Foul Odor Wednesday.  Riding the scooter to work is usually an olfactory experience, though usually pleasant or at worst bizarre.  Today, though, I discovered that Mickey's cargo compartment had gotten permeated with water, which soaked the straps of my helmet, infusing them with a profoundly yucky dishrag smell.  Following that was a trip through regions of Dead Animal, Rotting Vegetation, Dumpster Juice, and Something Chemical Burning.

At least once I got to work I could wash the helmet straps.  All better.

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