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I'm planning on making a page of Chore Wars resources some time, but posting these here now. Putting the onerous parts behind cuts.

Here are two comma-separated randomized lists of treasure and monsters, to make it easy to copy/paste just a segment of it, maybe 4 to 7 of each, into chores. Each of these lists is made of items found on the web, so if someone gets curious about what they fought and what they won, they can look it up.


Blood Spear +2, Barotak's Hammer, Rod of Revelation, Wizards Wardrobe, Sword of Kings, Leash of Captivity, Ring of power, Dawa's Scrollcase of Safekeeping, Poultice of Ori, Bloodstone Ring, Five Chromatic Banes, The, Borgir's Sugar Cubes, Fire Javelin, Chainmail of Random Surprise, Spider Ring, Footsteps of Shaltot, Ring of Water, Amulet of Major Healing, Crystal Orb of Illium, Spear +1, Telescoping, Delacour, Belt of Concealing, Folding Catapult (or Ballista), Shuriken +1, Returning, Towgar's Twin Rings of Strength and Wisdom, Mirror of Scratch Repair, Horn of Confusion, Wafers of Death Avoidance, Vestments of Virtue, Mace of Divine Wrath, Bow of Doubling, Handbook of the Magus, Snail Liquid, Cutter, Greater Amulet of Anti-Scrying & Anti-Detection, Frying Pan of Whacking, Disenchanter/Unenchanter, Mask of Facial Features Disguise, Elondel, Ring of Redemption, Spectacles of Darkness, Dacil, Collar of Neck Protection, Rod of Golem-Casting, Scepter of Returning, Holy Armor of Dwarvian Might, The Circlet of Zahnlok, Hammer of Weylund, Globe of War, Wand of Rapid Lightning, Light Ring, Aquasword, The Nose of Venco, Mithril Chain of Incredible Flight, Item of Instant Armour Appearance, Placard of Item Analysis, Bedroll of Comfort, Paladin, Armbands of the Productive Alchemist, Cursed Sword of Ratha-Zim, Sceptre of Illusions, Kidnapper's Bag, Gutbuster's Smelly Mithral Armor, Callable Coin, Mortis Ring, Dragon Saddle, Pot of Self-Contained Cooking, Ioun Halo, Endless Rope, Axe of Shattering, Lightning Totem, Ring of the Eight Skills, Shield - Stone Warden, Battlefield Map Table, Rod of the Rust Monster, Compass of Evil Detection, Glaive, Dragon Slayer +1/+5, Signal bow, Duality Fork, Arrows of Outrageous Fortune, Saddle of Stability, Gem of Hoodwinking, Cooking Knife, Fork, & Spoon of Double Rations, Dragoliness, Whisper Blade, Amulet of False Race, Cup of Change, Exploding Caltrops, The Extra Minute, Broadsword of Transmetal, Quicksilver Amulet, Martial Arts Weapon of Change, Deck of Cards, Funnel of Potion Concentration, Dog Whistle, Shadowskill Armor, Pheonix Spellbook, War Hammer +3/+2, \"Balance Forger\", Kings Coinear, Horseshoes of Water-Striding, Death Rod, Skullcap of Mind-Wiping, Silver Pendant of Human Duality, Portable Portal, Objects of Obsessiveness, Crossbow Rod, Warding Stakes, Blade of Teaching, Cane of Evocation, The Slurping Sword of Blood-Drinking, Death from Afar, Winter's Night, Hectorius's Twin Rings, Gloves of the Servant, Garment of Yveth, Torc of Life, Manacadam Rings, Sword of Critique, Sword of Melnor, Saddle of Phantom Mounts, Ring of Flying, Book of Untruth, Teleport Ribbon, Backpack of Containment, Skull Leech, Flail of Armor Disruption, Broach of insect repulsion, Robe of Darkness, Harpy Blade, Long Sword of Battle field +2, The Red Asp, Ioun Crown, Chalice of Giantkind, Horseshoes of Stealth, Guardian Armor, Ring of Telepathic Bonds, Erikson Ring, Crown of Enslaved Minds, Enron's Special Katanas, Self-Loading Bow, Tankard of Sobriety, Talisman of Heroic Returns, Fairy Bowstring, Wood Wand, Link Tabbard, Thumb Ring of Grasping, Hero Musk, Wand of Yellow Stones, Saddle Blanket of Warmth, Hectorius's Twin Maces of The Heavens, Book of Stealth, Pouch of Food Production V, Blessed Sword of Dancing, Cloak of Displacement, Heavy Crossbow of Reloading, Potion of Delayed healing, Amber Spider, Ring of Armoring, Cloak of the Undead, Ring of Sin' Sona, Vambraces of Unarmed Prowess, Mirrors of Communications, Dagger of Prying, Amulet of lightning protection, Bowl of Purity, Walking Stick +3, Vampire Cone, Bell of Evil Warning, The Cup of Life, Als Magna Deux, Velunaedor, Gauntlets of Warrior Might, Twig of a Dozen Uses or The Handy Stick, Arrows of Eroch the Archer, Glasses of Speed Reading, Iron Chest of Containment, Staff of Divine Winds, Tordour's Reusable Writing Tablet, Fighting Suit of Prowess, Claws of Nepotist, Staff of Gates, Book of Spelling Mistakes, Ring of Fiery Assistance, Stone Bloodhounds, Backhand, canticle of concealments, Sword of Life Destruction, Boots of Running, Mirror of Transportation, Bucker, Spiked Razor Wing, Horseshoes of Cleanliness, Arm Protector of Bolt Protection, Disc of Illumination, Iron Rats, Gloves of Wall-Passing, Dragon Cloak, Alchemist's Rod of Evil Transformation, Mantle of Fiery Dissolving, Hat of Magic Sensing, Malhrek's Staff of Flame, Glove of Ranged Touches, Kite of Flying, Mats of Travelling, Torque of Aerie, Rod of Defense, gosherwhip of life essence transferral, Mimgot's Anti-magic Girdle, Bola Necklace, Pins of Acupuncture., Cloak of Blackshadows, Chest of Potion Containment, Throwing Stone, Shifting Blade, Sword of Darkness, Phylactery of Favor, Seeds of Plenty, Alarm Wire, Sheath of Many Blades, Staff of Tripping, Loincloth of Elemental Resistance, Quiver of Many Arrows, Rod of Ascension, Ring of Random Striking, Tongue Twister, Bedroom knockers, Ring of Donated Skills, Razor of Bluntness, Traycie's Thunder Tooth, Crown of the Observer, Crystal of (specific creature) Finding, Statuette of Nightveil, Crossbow of Power, Ogre's Requiem, Dragon Helm, Hwoctul's Masks, Fire Stones, Festdoom, Sword of Life, Wine Bottle of High Spirits, Dagger of the wilds, Javelins of Paranoia, Totem of Hiding, Dagger +1, Mistcutter, Petro's Magnificent Sheath of Long Weapons, War Drum, Sword of the Kauhns, Ice Mace, Vampire Cloak, Belt Pouches of Sharing, Gloves of Far Reaching, Ablative Thimble, Anti-Magic Bomb, Healing Torc, Stand of the Returning Scepter, Horseman's Spear, Sword of Gith, Wineskin of Water Production V, Diamond of Power, Box of Delights, Boots of the Wraith, Potion of testing, The Lamp of Ali Shem Rathonir Al'Fahim Al'Kabob, Ring of Air, Amulet of Power, Heartstake, Book of the Necromancer, Soap of Cleanliness, The Hawkblade, Bridle of Control, Ring of the Maggot, Nugget of Preserving, Battle Axe +3, Earthshaker, Attenuation field, Ring-Blade, Satchel of Many Pockets, Thorn wand, Metal-morphic Hammer, Map Of Friends, snowghost, Two-handed Sword of Random Luck, Earrings of Charm, Moonthrax, Hide of Transformation, Crossbow of Loaded Bolts, Black Mace of Justice, Sword of the Ageless, Healing Totem, The Magnifying Glass of Detecting, Towgar's Armor of the Heavens, Snapping Purse, Shield of Tenser, Clevershot, Po-Tien's Stoney Blade, Shield of Metal Adherence, Phase Sword, Arrow of Wormwood, Ring of the Merciful Blow, Coffin of Blessing, Rod of Ruling, White sword, Sword Pin, Ring of Goodness, Bag of Thorns, Blessed (Cursed) Oil, Mystical Armor of Sri-Lan-Ri, Weapon ring, Leather Armor of Fire Immunity, Anvil of Wonderous Works, Aerial's Dagger of magic missles, Amulet of Proof Against Turning, Zales Might, Banded mail of grounding, Drenaf Juggernaut, Potion of Infestation, Aphid, Mongoose Ring, Moneychanger's Belt of Holding, Twin Short Swords of Defence, Nebel Orbs, Focus Crystal of Increased Telepathic Range, Sword Of Fear, Diplomat's Brooch, Cloak of Great Eagle's Wings, Sword Scabbard of Hiding, Spectral Darts, Hammer of Power Dampening, Ring of Annoyance, Parchment of Plagiarism, Earring of Cooling, Potion of Liquefaction, Eye Stalk, Wise Whisper (Sword Of Guidance), Sword of Mastery +2, Sword of the Unicorn, Horn of Holding, Gloves of Wizardry, Stone Of Acid Arrow, The Guardian's Sword, Hammer of Wonderous Works, Potion of Dreaming, Arrows of Translocation, Whetstone of Repair, Ring of Defense, The Little Book of Shelter, Coronet of Gith, Soot of Hardening, Ye Robe of Useless Things, Ring of Fire Absorbing, Statuette of Tyadria, Judecca, Archmagi's Skullcap, Searing Totem, Swords of the Four Kings, Blindfold of Wakeful Sleep, Rod of Substituted Spell Components, Fan of Deadly Quills, Gloves of Spell Storing, Medallion of Instant Replay, Fleen's Reagent, Circlet of Demonic Protection, Wartexx, Razor Leaf, Daggers of V, Bow of Called Shots, Orb of Money Finding, Chalice of Truth and Health, Headband of the Good Mentalist, Torch Ring, Ring of Quick Casting, Helm of Debilitation, Grenade of the Healer, Steel Sash, Psionic Keystone, Gem of Heightened Abilities for Philanthropists, Sword of Enlightenment, The Matriarch's Sceptor of Rulership, Bone Dust of Undead Control, Seed of Understanding, Spectacles of Spell Learning, Rod of Wound Aggravation, Mirror of Minor Gate, Loincloth of Protection, Mood Ring, Rope of Elemental Binding, Shadow Cards, Armatha's long sword, Doom Horn, Mug of Infinite Thirst, Ring of Stun Removal, Snuff of Poison Detection, Arachnid tome, Gems of Darkness, Arenea Wand, Dust of Darkness, Potion of Permanent Skin Toughening, Instant Armour and Ring, Blade of Shattering, Tiara of True Sight, Ring of Good Fortune, Towgar's Twin Maces of Day and Night, Athame of Soul Stealing, Sheldon's Ring of the Fishes, Crystal Ball of Remote Viewing and Listening, Ring of Letumoris, Risky Wand of Void Bolts, Short Swords of Gemini, Potion of the Hero's Heart, Nigrals Book of Amassment, Boots of Enhanced Movement, Gloves of the Pugelist, tapastry of disease protection, Ranger's Sword, Sling of Slugging, Potion of Icewater, The Scalp of Kung, Tassel of Evil Detection, Hand of Tyr, Bone Dust, Shadow Cloak, Gypsy Carriage of Extra Rooms, Pouch of Spare Parts, Wei Chin's Portable Writing Desk, Plate Armor of Delusional Invulnerability, Casters Aid, Cloak of Magic Shielding, Sheath of Many Daggers, Bracers of Repellence, Farmer's Great Cart, Star of Landryn Teriak, Dream Weaver, Vestments of Holy Might, The Magnificent Carriage, Armband of Readied Potion, Broadsword of Force, The Eye of Iaxolok, Draught of Lycanthropy, Amulet of Deception, Armbands of Might, S'aub D'aun's Doom Horn, Circlet of Superiority, Sessiel's Snake Staff, Terro Piccapoc's Halfling Longblades, Tankard of Potent Drinking, Vaporizer, Ring of Flickering, Skiero's Scimitar, Ring Of Gaseous Form, Eversol's Innebriator, Book of the Past, Sailor's Charm, Ring of Arcanist Magics, Sleepytime Bear, Hive Dart, Flytrap Liquid, Shadow Brew, Leather Armor of Weapon Disenchanting, Ring Of Venom, Frictionless Shield, FrostBite, Tear of Life, Skin of Fresh Water, Sack of Plunder, Staff of Sufficient Healing, Box of Cold, Chopper, Uncle Trapspringer's Delocking Lockpicks


Dire Rat, Centipede Swarm, Manticore, Monkey, Zelekhut, Dire Tiger, Will-O'-Wisp, Balor, Fire Giant, Golem, Mummy, Ice Mephit, Dog, Lizard, Ghost, Bralani, Chaos Beast, Black Bear, Magma Mephit, Octopus, Remorhaz, Phantom Fungus, Werewolf, Shrieker, Bodak, Monstrous Scorpion, Shadow, Assassin Vine, Girallon, Nalfeshnee, Lemure, Giant Praying Mantis, Gnoll, Crocodile, Wild Elf, Shocker Lizard, Mohrg, Hellcat (Bezekira), Giant Octopus, Wolf, Cloaker, Hezrou, Phasm, Pixie, War Pony, Arrowhawk, Green Dragon, Drow, Spider Swarm, Tojanida, Nessian Warhound, Drider, Elemental, Bugbear, Ogre, Couatl, Homunculus, Wyvern, Skum, Lion, Vargouille, Fire Elemental, Hieracosphinx, Gorgon, Copper Dragon, Eagle Giant, Xill, Porpoise, Forest Gnome, Monstrous Spider, Tarrasque, Earth Mephit, Black Dragon, Pseudodragon, Fire Mephit, Monstrous Centipede, Behir, Shambling Mound, Half-Elf, Griffon, Shield Guardian, Lizard Monitor, Camel, Ettin, Criosphinx, Devil, Genie, Gnome, Guardian Naga, Water Elemental, Dire Badger, Dust Mephit, Nightwalker, Ghaele, Wereboar, Dragon True, Triceratops, Scrag, Hobgoblin, Half-Orc, Spectre, Formian, Planetouched, Steam Mephit, Spider Eater, Ettercap, Phase Spider, Babau, Troglodyte, Kobold, Pony, Giant Stag Beetle, Aquatic Elf, Lizardfolk, Gold Dragon, Badger, Wolverine, Giant, Mummy Lord, Rat, Dog Riding, Mountain Dwarf, Yeth Hound, Giant Wasp, Merfolk, R, Dire Boar, Naga, Dire Animal, Dire Lion, Hell Hound, Imp, Grimlock, Hippogriff, Manta Ray, Aranea, Sahuagin, Bat Swarm, Tendriculos, Troll, Achaierai, Winter Wolf, Gibbering Mouther, Demon, Weretiger, Rhinoceros, Blue Dragon, Inevitable, Kolyarut, Athach, Razor Boar, Elasmosaurus, Half-Fiend, Stirge, Donkey, Efreeti, Air Mephit, Cryohydra, Skeleton, Lycanthrope, Invisible Stalker, Sphinx, Solar, Barghest, Otyugh, Howler, Dire Ape, Cauchemar, Giant Bombardier Beetle, Giant Ant, Ogre Mage, Glabrezu, Lillend, Marilith, Vrock, Chimera, Orc, Grig, Salt Mephit, Cloud Giant, Toad, Yrthak, Horned Devil (Cornugon), Ethereal Marauder, Gray Elf, Dire Wolf, Water Mephit, Dark Naga, Clay Golem, Nightmare, Astral Deva, Blink Dog, Ape, Weasel, Medusa, Pit Fiend, Aboleth, Dire Bear, Ochre Jelly, Horse, Annis, Ankheg, Hag, White Dragon, Sprite, Lamia, Deinonychus, Malenti, Mule, Ice Devil (Gelugon), Dire Shark, Bearded Devil (Barbazu), Krenshar, Gray Render, Hound Archon, Hydra, Animated Object, Janni, Satyr, Aasimar, Rast, Svirfneblin, Giant Bee, Grick, Quasit, Derro, Black Pudding, Pyrohydra, Barbed Devil (Hamatula), Magmin, Mimic, Squid, Bear Brown, Basilisk, Triton, Raven, Owlbear, Goblin, Nightwing, Darkmantle, Choker, Erinyes, Destrachan, Retriever, Chain Devil (Kyton), Bat, Rat Swarm, Minotaur, Lammasu, Bronze Dragon, Dretch, Sea Hag, Lich, Chuul, Dwarf, Nixie, Cockatrice, Worg, Silver Dragon, Half-Dragon, Sea Cat, Merrow, Vampire, Bebilith, Bear Polar, Cheetah, Tiger, Crocodile Giant, Mephit, Ghoul, Stone Giant, Centaur, Spirit Naga, Djinni, Scorpionfolk, Thoqqua, Frost Giant, Tyrannosaurus, Elf, Megaraptor, Gargoyle, Delver, Snake, Lantern Archon, Fiendish Creature, Angel, Celestial Creature, Marut, Kraken, Devourer, Bison, Rakshasa, Purple Worm, Earth Elemental, Zombie, Allip, Owl, Xorn, Halfling, Iron Golem, Ooze, Doppelganger, Dire Wolverine, Kapoacinth, Bone Devil (Osyluth), Water Naga, Gray Ooze, Deep Halfling, Hawk, Flesh Golem, Hyena, Storm Giant, Bulette, Wood Elf, Cat, Dragon Turtle, Ooze Mephit, Whale, Wererat, Salamander, Locust Swarm, Belker, Harpy, Wight, Succubus, Androsphinx, Locathah, Baboon, Giant Fire Beetle, Elephant, Nymph, Pegasus, Hill Giant, Leonal, Owl Giant, Swarm, Titan, Ethereal Filcher, Deep Dwarf, Planetar, Violet Fungus, Avoral, Duergar, Ghast, Air Elemental, Gynosphinx, Nightshade, Shadow Mastiff, Lacedon, Vampire Spawn, Dire Bat, Red Dragon, Digester, Frost Worm, Tallfellow Halfling, Night Hag, Roper, Dryad, Hellwasp Swarm, Shark, Eagle, Green Hag, Half-Celestial, Archon, Giant Squid, Wraith, Trumpet Archon, Dire Weasel, Dinosaur, Treant, Fungus, Leopard, Azer, Roc, Dragonne, Rust Monster, Stone Golem, Boar, Tiefling, Ravid, Brass Dragon, Werebear, Unicorn, Nightcrawler, Gelatinous Cube

Here's a handy randomizer.

If you'd rather generate treasure and monsters individually, here's some monsters and here's some treasure. I recommend setting "coins" to 0 and tripling the other treasure types.

Have fun!
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