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The damned third paper


I'm probably about 75% done with the third paper. First and second papers are essentially complete; they just need a word culling as they are each about 200% of target word count. The damned third paper, though ... !

I'm to take a case study (one of five provided by the prof), analyze it, and make recommendations. That's all good. But there are a LOT of contradictory instructions about how much information to include vs. how short to make it. The prof wants short, not long. Small paragraphs, few pages. But not only do I need to make my recommendations, I have to include lots of facts and sources and such.

Part of the problem is also that I know precisely what to do, but I don't know -how- I know what to do. Over the past fifteen weeks I've consumed a huge amount of information from lots of sources, although the biggest source is the textbook. It's all synthesized! Should I just put (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2008) before every period in the Analysis section?

I know what I'll wind up doing, but I won't like it. When faced with the impossible, I do the improbable. Or at least the unexpected. I'd really rather just write the damn paper.
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