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Divining dreams, or, how's work going these days?

Lately I've been having dreams that I can't decode, which is really, really unusual for me.  Usually the meaning of a dream is pretty obvious to me.  I can't recall what night-before-last's terribly, terribly important dream was, but last night's went something like this:

I was in a store, and when I turned down an aisle there was a large fish tank with a ladder behind it.  The fish tank had quite an assortment of fish in it.  On the ladder was a kitten trying to get one of the fish.  I thought this was cute and didn't think the kitten could actually do that, but it did.  I shooed away the kitten and then looked on the floor for the fish, to get it back into the tank.  I found it and two others on the floor, so I threw them all back in.  They were white, very flat, like sideways discs, with a dark swoosh and dot on each side.

I was watching them to see if they would swim, but was distracted by someone who looked like a young Albert Einstein.  He saw the situation and was concerned too.  I was then looking for something important for helping the fish, and when I turned back around, half the water was gone from the tank and Einstein there was starting to put a great deal of untreated water into it.  I stopped him and resumed my search for whatever important thing I was looking for to help the fish.  When I turned around again, Einstein had dumped a bunch of sand and woody debris into the tank, half filling it, and only an inch or so of water was above the muck.  I completely lost my top at Einstein. 

"Where are the fish?!?!" 

"They're still in there."  When I woke up, I'd been in a panic, digging through the guck, trying to find the fish and rescue them.

Of course, once davefll decoded the dream for me, it was obvious.  Why couldn't I see it after I woke up?
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