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Bits and pieces again

Via my massage therapist sister, who really, really, really needs an LJ:

Voting is still open on MSNBC "In God We Trust" online survey.

Playing Chore Wars again, both at home and at work.  My team is kind of lukewarm on it.  Maybe it'll take off, and maybe it won't.  Thinking of organizing a party of just myself, though, so I can put all my weird little goals and intentions without worrying about the other players.  That is so lame, isn't it?

Setting up adventures in Chore Wars goes a lot faster if you have random generators for monsters and treasure.  This is the best random monster generator I've run across so far, although the made-up-ness gets a little annoying after a while.  Plus it doesn't do documented monsters so people who combat them don't later get to look them up to find out just what the heck they were.  But the accompanying stats are highly entertaining to the person doing the generating.  This is a fantastic random treasure generator.  I can stock up several adventures at once by cutting coins to none and tripling the other items, running two hordes at once. 

For something completely different, Barats and Bereta rap the Bible in under a minute.  For more Barats and Bereta fun, check out the MANtage.  There are lots more, but I don't gotta link to them all, right?
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