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While taking a break from Karl Marx (Could not the man write one single plain sentence?) I was just now also brewing up a cup of tea and wondering how much caffeine is in it. I've been reducing my caffeine intake but hadn't been all that specific about how much - just fewer cups of coffee and replacing some with tea. After some glancing about, I've come up with this scheme.

Caffeine point value - all things approximate. 1 point = 35mg.

Green tea - 1 point
Diet cola - 1 point
Black tea - 2 points
Coffee - 4 points

Over the past week or so, I've reduced to one coffee and two black teas per day, so that's 8 points total or approximately 280mg per day. I had been counting a 12oz diet cola as equal to a black tea, but now I see they're not. So that's nice.

My previous consumption had been roughly 5 coffees and 2 diet colas per day for 24 points or approximately 840mg per day. So there you go.
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