Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew

Hi, I'm Spring, and I'm a dork.

Does it ever happen to you sometimes that you just wanna say "hi"?  Not even to someone you're attracted to or want anything from or whatever, you just want to be nice and say "hi"?  And you can't?  Because somehow you're a dork and it gets stuck on your uvula or tonsil or something?  Or "excuse me" - ever have trouble with that one?  Or eye contact or smiling?

Yeah, that's me.  Not always, but often enough.  That's part of what made my Monday suck so much.  All day long.

When I'm very busy being a dork I say really stupid things.  Or walk into walls.  Or flail a limb or two and injure myself.  All because I can't just come out with a chirpy "hi".

This is so very NOT doing my schoolwork.
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