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spc476 calls shenanigans on me

As yesterday, reposted wholesale, but this time from comments:
I hate to say this, but the report reads like a Marxist condemnation of the United States ("Power to the people! Yo!"). It also reads like an apologia, "We're African Americans! It's not our fault!"

One example: hurricanes. The report (PDF) states that Global Warming™ causes both an increase in the intensity and number of hurricanes. I was lead to believe that wasn't the case, and when I did a search, the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory found the evidence inconclusive. I did find an article about an MIT professor that said Global Warming™ caused more and worse hurricanes, but another article has him reversing his position. And I just found two articles where scientists say that Global Warming™ will cause fewer hurricanes, not more.

It seems the consensus on that issue is still being worked on.

I'm not even going into the whole Iraq War that the paper brings up (why? It's about Global Warming™, what does the war have to do with it?).

But it goes on from there, politicizing scientific enquiry—no, scratch that, religious certainty in Global Warming™. It's a done deal, and that's that. (dare not speak heresies against Global Warming™ least you see jail time). Only it's not quite a done dealcurrent global temperatures are down quite a bit and we may even be headed in the other direction!

Oh, somebody's at the door, hol—END OF LINE
I knew I was in for it as I was drowsily trying to text message from an unfamiliar phone, and spc said, "Wait, did you actually read this report?"  Dammit.  No, I'd read summaries and synopses; I hadn't taken the time to read the report itself.  Estupida.  From the summaries, it does look a lot like what Van Jones is up to, but it isn't.  I stand corrected.  And now that I have plenty of egg, I'm having breakfast.
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