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Coconuts and ROWE

I encountered a local politician today at church.  He happens to be *rummaging around in bag* Taverna Kyma!  Wait, wrong card; Taverna Kyma is a fantastic Greek restaurant in Boca.  Or Delray.  Somewhere in there.  Ah!  The candidate is René Varela.  Once his campaign site is up, you'll be able to see some of his platform and such.

I ate nearly an entire fresh coconut today.  Ordinarily, I would be careful about that sort of thing out of fear that my digestive system would punish me for it, but as it turned out, my digestive system was punishing me anyway, and I had nothing to lose.  It was delicious.

I spent just about the whole day doing coursework, with the occasional break to eat food and watch "House".  I'm addicted now.  To the show, not the food.  Dammit.  So, I feel really out of touch.  Twitter, LJ, Google Reader - especially Google Reader - I feel all unplugged.

felisdemens, if you ever decide to go Twitter, you may want to follow Sockington.   Sure, he seems to be largely automated, but I still derive an inordinate amount of amusement from him.

By way of update on Sean Tevis:

"Besides, the idea of anyone outside of Kansas being interested enough in a state legislative race here to give money is unfathomable," Aistrup said.
"Kansan sticks it to election system", LA Times

That's pretty funny.  Why wouldn't we be?

Today in school we learned all about ROWE.  It stands for Results Only Work Environment, and it's all over Best Buy, who've been gradually implementing it for five years.  Now it's caught on at brokerage firm J. A. Counter & Associates.  spc476 won't find anything revolutionary about the idea: all that matters is getting it done.  Facetime: eliminated.  Pointless meetings: eliminated.  Strict office hours: eliminated.  Performance is measured in productivity, not where people are and for how long.

Best Buy is finding that ROWE increased their productivity by an average of 41% and cut voluntary turnover by as much as 90%.  Involuntary turnover tends to increase as ROWE first is implemented in any given department, since potential slackers can no longer get away with "looking busy", but this evens out as the plan hits full implementation.

One of the truly beautiful things about ROWE is that it's entirely non-discriminatory.  It frees employees to live their lives however they live them, as long as they get the work done.  So, for a family this may mean early homework time right after school, followed by soccer and a movie, while for single people it could be rock climbing, travel, or going back to college.  Just what people do with that time is entirely up to them and the priorities they set.

Here's an online interview that hits some of the high points of ROWE, and here's a Businessweek story that goes further into the history and progress of ROWE.

Nitey nite!
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