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More leftovers

It seems to have been Foul Mood Day for lots of people on LJ, not just me.  <3 everyone - thank goodness everything passes.

In between things I've been looking at bank websites here and there. IBM Southeast Federal Credit Union gets bonus points for putting a real live interactive role-play demo of online bill pay on their site, as opposed to the banks I looked at, which showed slides or movies.

The rest of this stuff is leftovers from earlier in the week:

I've been waffling on whether to participate in Blogathon this year (or Day of Blogs, as the official Blogathon is taking this year off).  I'm pretty overloaded, but I -could- be blogging about the stuff I'm overloaded doing.  It could be possible.

Charities with which I am affiliated:

Food for the Poor
Boca Helping Hands
Campaign for Burma
Danny's Angels (a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light-The-Night Team)

For tryss - recordings of the Gamer Symphony Orchestra.

Gulf Wars coincides with FCATs on the school calendar again next year. I wanted to work something out with the school to get the kids sprung for the event, but there's no way the school's going to work with me on that.
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