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2 things:

1) If you haven't heard yet about Health and Human Services having this proposal to redefine what counts as abortion to include contraception, please go Google for a few.  Then, if this looks stoopit to you, do these:

This is the information for DHHS:

HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt
Office Phone: 202-690-7000 or 202-205-4708
Outside of the DC/metro area: 877-696-6775 toll-free
Email: mike.leavitt@hhs.gov
Fax: 202-690-7203
Correspondence Secretary: 202-690-6392

And write your Senators and Congressman. You can locate your Representative's contact information here and your Senators' here.

And there's always 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Fax is best: they don't involve envelopes, but they do involve paper. Calls are next, then emails - written in your own words from your own address. Don't just sign onto a petition; it lets them ignore you as one of the rabble.

Directly quoted from zoethe.

2) Support this guy.

That is all.
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