Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew

Today's twitter output

  • 08:27 @invadersteven I was oblivious. Oh my innocent youth! #
  • 12:33 As @wlofie says, when you see the wall of rain ahead and begin to ask yourself if you can make it home in time, you're already screwed. #
  • 13:15 @chiaslut you've got to start earlier. If my caffeine is delayed, no amount of making it up completely resolves problem. #
  • 17:56 @macgenie because I worked on Independence Day, I scored Bastille Day off. I find that somehow poetic. #
  • 19:27 Mental iTunes is playing "Don't Stop Me Now" courtesy Butterfly's rendition at karaoke. Am rocking out at Starbuck's while working on paper #
  • 19:27 I can rock out if I want to. At least I'm not noisy. #
  • 20:23 I only had 2 goals today. By 5pm I had made 0 progress toward either. If I can find this Al-Anon meeting, that's one down. #
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