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Spring Dew [userpic]

One last test of Clipmarks

July 11th, 2008 (03:59 pm)

Pretty much done for now.
clipped from unclutterer.com

I chose this office because form and function work perfectly together in harmony. The clear file storage system on the wall allows the pink of the room to show when files arenâ™t present. The pink crate on the right holds her 43 Folders tickler system. Her phone is off the work surface but easily within reach, and the round desk has a minimal footprint on the rest of the room. Iâ™m not into the color pink, so working in this space would overwhelm me â” but if it were done similarly in colors I like better, Iâ™d be totally game. Thank you, Kelly Sue, for submitting such a unique, inspiring, and organized space!

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