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I did my homework! Reward for me is a little online slacktime before I have to rush off for work.

LOL! Two ads for why Australia should invade New Zealand. Fantastic!

These are apparently applicants in a regular contest on an Australian TV show where the object is to pitch the unsellable.

Why do I think my Fatally Depressed Coworker would be interested in this? Obsessive folding.

After many fine suggestions, both offline and on, the scootie has a name, and that name is ...


C'mon, it goes with Jake. And as I've never had a lover, spouse, or adversary by the same name, there are no bad associations.

In other news, I has guppies. Will eventually post pictures, but they are more or less like these:

I figured my credit might have finally recovered enough to try again applying for a gasoline credit card, so I went looking for more socially responsible petrochemical companies (hee!) and found this handy chart to help me out.
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