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Some of my friends still give me a hard time because we don't have cable or satellite (or any other kind) of TV transmission to my house. Just some of them. Others understand because they made the same choice. Now that computers can play DVDs, we didn't need the TV set itself, so off it went to the curb, and a Mac Mini with a decent monitor sits in the TV spot in the house now, fastened up to the stereo system.

But the start of it, cutting the cable, refusing the dish, is in part due to this kind of thing right here:

The first clip is an interview during which General Wesley Clark makes a point that getting shot down isn't necessarily a qualification for President. It's a reasonable point and he didn't even say it in a mean way, but all the rest of the clips there are a media feeding frenzy about him swift-boating McCain and attacking him, when he said or did nothing disrespectful or attacking at all. He indicated that the qualifications for all-American hero differ from those for President.

Television networks are bleeding viewership and pulling bigger, stupider stunts trying to get it back, and this kind of thing makes me sick. It's grade-school stuff, and it's only going to get worse.

I mentioned to wlofie that I'm used to more subtle spin tactics. He said the media have learned they don't -have- to be subtle anymore. Wish I could disagree.

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