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reebar - Masterofkeys would like to know if you would please find him a railroad spike in NJ and/or PA. He's trying to collect railroad spikes from every state.

spc476 - Masterofkeys would like to know how you got the penny to hold still on the railroad track. You don't have to answer that.

My honorable adversary would like to recommend Feline Pine cat litter.

My daveworlder friend sent a link to this resource for self sufficient living. It was in the context of biodiesel, but just coming off Van Jones' fantastic lecture, I have to look through this site for more urban self-sufficiency information.

spc476 says now you can publish your own magazine.

Dreamhost says here's a freaking cool high five. (Hint: it's a T-shirt.)

Nice entry by compass_rose about the "take your gun to work" statute and media hype.

And in the good news department - a good turn in the ballpark, courtesy gillen.

Poll #1215189 Gimme a name.

What's a good name for a scooter?

Little Nameless up there was delivered today. wlofie gave it a physical and pronounced it generally healthy, except for a missing hatch cover over the VIN observation opening. Said cover is on order now.
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