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[ministry] General Assembly

I haven't been posting too much this week at all, let alone about the big deal of the week, General Assembly. I went to the Service of the Living Tradition last night, which was both weird for me and wonderful. Weird because I tend to forget just how Caucasianly dorky so many of us are, how strongly we tend toward certain demographics, how bland our services can be. But the point of this particular service was to honor ministers who have passed away in the last year, ministers who are retiring, ministers who have completed their full fellowship, and ministers who are newly credentialed. It's fascinating to see the chain unbroken.

Today I showed up at work pretty doggone early and stayed until closing in order to take a 3-hour lunch to go down to Ft. Lauderdale to a getting-to-know-you luncheon hosted by Meadville-Lombard. Given that I accidentally grabbed a vegetarian sandwich, I'm not entirely sure the information I gained was quite worth the hour-long round trip plus gas and parking money. However, it was fantastic to be attending something nice at the Fort Lauderdale Grande Hotel and to meet people actively engaging in ministerial education from both sides. I happened also to meet the new intern minister for UUFBR there, whom my minister said I should touch base with in the fall, so that was quite nice, too.

It was also a little thrill to recognize names and faces of people in the luncheon as some of the honorees from last night. I saw a few of them walking to and from the Conference Center also as I was driving. There's the tiny thrill of kinship. I like it.

Tomorrow I'm at GA all day, to include a brunch at 10:00 AM by Meadville-Lombard for prospective students, and it's supposed to be far more informative than today's shindig was.

If you get curious, you can see some of the goings-on, to include last night's service, by video at the UUA website.
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