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You know how sometimes people on your friend's list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when are they working THERE? Since when are they dating HIM/HER? since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you *should* already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please (if you like) copy mine below, erase my answers putting yours in their place then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration! One-word answers seldom help anyone out.

1. First Name: Stacy. Friends call me Spring.

2. Age: 40. Approximate.

3. Location: Lake Worth, Florida. Originally from central Mississippi, but have lived many places, most of them courtesy Uncle Sam.

4. Occupation: Technical Support Supervisor, Dot-com Minister, For Reals Ministerial Student.

5. Partners: wlofie, spc476, reebar. The story of our family is pretty long and complicated, but most of us have been together for roughly 9 years.

6. Kids: Two, male, and adolescent. The introspective one is 14 and a heavy reader. The gregarious one is 12 and into fishing.

7. Brothers/Sisters: All younger.

My mom's other kids
- Miranda - 33
- Trey - 31
- Angel - 29

My dad's other daughter
- leabella55 - 31

8. Pets:

- Spodie O'Dodie - 9-year-old male orange tabby. Wants to live free in the outdoors. Attention slut. Thin and strong.
- Tula Suriyothai - 4-year-old female burmese. Super fluffy, super fat. Hisses during play; that qualifies as "whiny bitch" in my book.
- Emergency "Emmy" Backup Kitten - 3-year-old female grey tabby. Tiny, stuck in perpetual kittenhood. Shy and terrified, but terribly sweet.

- Stanley - male ball python. Belongs to the younger kid.

- Costa - male betta. Lives at work. Acts like a puppy.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:

1) Al-Anon. This is my anniversary month, and I can't tell you how much help the program has been to me.
2) Finishing up my Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts. Am just 9 credits away and due to complete in October, degree conferral in December. Taking management courses to better do my current day job (and get tuition reimbursement). Looking at seminaries to see where/how to go after my Masters of Divinity. Some are offering more online study, which helps a lot.
3) Doing what I can to fulfill my mission even before then. Developing relationships in the community and among congregations. Trying to figure out how to help.
4) Settling our long-term residency plans. I'd like to live in central Michigan, although western North Carolina is on the table, too. Also trying to get all the family members living in more or less the same place. We still have reebar living far, far away.
5) Beginning to reconcile more with family of origin. Am close again with Dad and leabella55, getting closer again with Mom and Angel. Baby steps.

10. Where and for what did you go to school? I started out majoring in computer science in a rinky-dinky ultra-rural community college. The idea was to transfer to University of Southern Mississippi for polymer science. I have since attended (I think) seven other colleges under about as many majors. Did, go to DLI and finish the Arabic course, though.

11. Parents? Nora and Gary, long divorced. Gary is retired and now traveling among various relatives, doing odd chores. Nora may retire soon.

12. Who are some of your closest friends? invadersteven, corsair2, LJ-less Maggie, and all of Daveworld. Lots of friends I want to be my closest friends, but we're probably not there yet. I don't get close to people easily or quickly.
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