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About last week ...

In a TMBG search, I found this Scrubs video:

Social Networking in Plain English. No, really, it's more interesting than it sounds.

Bit by bit, I'm enjoying the rest of Common Craft's videos.

My Twitter one-line bio: "It's fixable, let's just take it in parts, k? And for heaven's sake write down what you said. I'll never remember it." I forgot I set that, ages ago. My elder kid recently discovered six word bios. I have yet to craft one.

In all the hubbub last week, I neglected to notice and celebrate my two-year anniversary of freedom from cigarettes, which was Tuesday the 27th.

It just works.

Another assertion, unique to Allen Carr's method is that willpower is not required to quit smoking. This is because it takes no willpower to stop doing something that an individual has no desire to do ...[Emphasis mine.]

I owe several people a huge thanks for this, most particularly amorsalado and Daveworlder Scott Ransom.
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