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Some of these are stale

Notes from a wedding:

- I only made one error. The bride and groom were already holding hands when I asked them to join hands.
- A really short outdoor ceremony without programs or ushers goes over very, very well in a hot climate that threatens immediate change.
- The Chicken Dance has entirely escaped its cultural bounds. It is very strange to me, who was introduced to it by German in-laws, to be in this time when a Latino DJ is teaching it to a floorful of various Asians.
- Prior to the ceremony, when people were coming in, I wondered what was up with all the red clothing so many guests wore. Then I had a duh moment. Most of the guests were Chinese. Of course you'd wear red to a wedding.
- Cute babies everywhere!
- If there were any smokers, they were most discreet. I thought I found some outside, but turns out they were just discussing when the right time in life is to get married.
- The mothers of bride and groom both seemed too young to be any grown people's mothers.
- Families are the same all over.
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