Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew

Today's twitter output

  • 15:26 I should write a poem to cranberry sauce. #
  • 15:27 O perfect, all my life i have known thee and been ignorant. O sweet, that you temper happiness #
  • 15:27 O tart, that you excite my palate #
  • 15:28 Ever did you lurk behind the turkey, lie placidly atop the dressing, quiver ignobly, jellied in your dish, waiting, ageins your time #
  • 15:29 promised pleasure upon fried savories. #
  • 15:29 You knew, did you not, you seducer, that i would come to you later, older, more worldly, and then would lie down upon my spring rolls an ... #
  • 15:29 O cranberry sauce! I weep of helplessness! The end. #
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Edit: "you temper happiness" - there goes t9 for you. That was supposed to be "harshness". Actually, I see lots of manglements. *facepalm*
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