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School and church

I am getting so antsy. My group in Organizational Behavior has a group assignment due today, after a 3-day extension, and we're still waiting for one member to submit their section so we can post the composition. Augh! I -hate- group work!

Organizational Behavior is kicking my booty. This is a really intense course. There's so much reading and summarizing and commenting on other people's stuff, just to keep up with the for-credit stuff. I haven't even started studying. Gonna have two papers this term, too. And an end-of-term project. Dude, if it's like this now, I cringe at the thought of July, when I'll have two more courses heaped on.

Hope I can knock out Information Literacy before then. It's not the lightweight puff piece of a course I thought it would be. It's something a bit more like library science. But still, I think if I dedicate a few decent chunks of time to it, I can finish it up. It's just a little scary because the final exam is 100% of the grade. Hee!

However, I did start the reconciliation process at my old church, and have gone halfway through re-joining it. I got my pledge put in. Have to sign the book Sunday. I -had- planned on being at Holy Redeemer Sunday but the needful things need to get done.
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