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Hayull yeah!

Via craniac, my daveworlder friend:
http://nsfw.in is a URL shortening site with a difference. Intended
for NSFW links, it doesn't redirect directly to the target link but
goes via an intermediate page that warns the link is NSFW and gives
you a link you must click to open the target link.


Know what I want? I want a little widget in IMDB that says, "Add this item to my Netflix Queue".


davefll: I'm gon get a pickup truck.

springdew: Put you a gun rack in the back.

davefll: Hayull yeah.

springdew: But be sure to put a rainbow sticker on, though.

davefll: Or a Confederate flag.

springdew: Or even a rainbow Confederate flag.

davefll: Hayull yeah! [high 5] You Googlin' now aintcha?

springdew: Hayull yeah!



Know what I want? I want a Firefox extension that, when you right click on an image, it uploads that image to an FTP location of your choosing and creates an img tag to that location. So's you can quickly grab and post images without hotlinking. That's what I want.
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