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Poke the UN - they can help

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Dear Friends,

I have been watching the sad news of the cyclone devastation in Burma over the past few days and am appalled at the Burmese government's actions of greatly restricting international aid from coming in and helping the millions of people affected.

The United Nations Security Council can do something to force the Burmese military regime to accept international aid and this resolution needs to go through as soon as possible so that aid can start getting in. The money is pledged, people and supplies are waiting to go into the disaster areas, but the military regime is holding it up.

I sent an email to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon today urging him to make sure that this measure goes through - you can easily send an email as well. Please help!

-- Spring

Look, world outcry freed Nelson Mandela and made a complete difference in South Africa. We know we can do it for Burma. Join in. Help.
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