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Physical therapy

I realized I haven't posted about physical therapy. I've been going there for the knees. Apparently I'm all screwed up; when I flex the top of my thigh, my kneecaps head off sideways instead of up, which is the correct direction. My arches have gone flatter and the strong muscles of my legs are to the outside, meaning I've gone a bit knock-kneed, and the knees, already under attack by arthritis, do not like it one wibbly bit.

So the hideous tortures that the therapists are doing to me are designed to get all the rest of the muscles to step up to the plate and hold each knee up properly. And hideous they have been, for sure. Plus I'm running around with therapeutic things stuck on/under/between various appendages. This feels very weird. But the idea is that I could once again walk like a human with relatively reliable consistency. I'm for that!

Still need a rheumatologist. The whole entire overall all-my-joints-hurt thing has got to get looked at.
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