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All the federales say ...

Via rhonan, four guys, one instrument. And they're brothers.

Via coell, Hard 'N Phirm Get Scientifical On Your Ass. NSFW. I like it very much.

Waiting is hard. I got back my preliminary credit evaluation from Excelsior College. I have approximately 27 semester hours to go, theoretically. Full evaluation doesn't complete for another 6-8 weeks after enrollment; I enrolled Monday.

Yesterday I phoned the advisor's office to see if there's an expedite fee or somesuch. Some really sweet intern expained that there was no such, but that he'd move my packet up higher in the stack with a note that I'm trying to start the May term.

I'm not pregnant. Surely, nobody was fooled.

Monday I brought in Lefty, a betta from Mark's Ark. I tried hard to acclimatize him gently, but he died yesterday anyway. Maybe after the wedding trip (amorsalado + dwer) when my schedule is 11 AM to 8 PM again, maybe then I'll give it another go.
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