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Anonymous vs. Scientology, West Palm Beach, Florida

Having extreme trouble uploading my content. May have to sneakernet it in on a USB key instead of uploading from my fantastic FastAccess DSL. Tech support say my upload speed looks normal but there still may be a bandwidth issue, so a tech will be out on the lines by Tuesday.

I blogged today on my Twitter feed - dump is here. But I really want to show you the pictures and video. There was perhaps one Anonymous who was taking video, a couple of them who took still pictures, and someone who may or may not have been George Konstantakis of the Judge George Show on Vision Television Network - the card said it was himself.

There was minor altercation and minimal police activity.

Lots of pictures from elsewhere are available here:
http://theonecalledh.livejournal.com/803682.html Bandwidth exceeded.


And here are some more links from the news. Some of those have excellent images.

As I understand it, next protest is March 15, again at 11 AM.

Flyers here.
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