Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew

My birthday!

Okay, my birthday celebration will be Sunday at Little Munich (where the Dirty Dwarf used to be) in Lake Worth. There will be karaoke, but not until 9 PM, so you can come earlier and avoid it if it scares you too much. I plan on being there about 7-ish or so and partying on.

Yes, it's Super Bowl Sunday. Wasn't my idea to put 'em both on the same day. I don't think the karaoke will be canceled, as it's on Alex's calendar, but I put in a message to be sure.

All-a-ya'lls invited. No gifties, please, but silly decorations and the wearing of festive clothings are always welcome. Drawings are good. You get the drift. I just wanna make merry, k?
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