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If I were a cam-ho ...

... dee-da dee-da dee-da dee-da dee-da dee-da dee-da deeeeeee!

My younger kid never lets up with all the stuff he wants. All the time it's, "Mom, can you think of a chore I can do for $29? I want these pants." Sometimes he gets incredibly bummed out that he can't have all the stuff he wants. Well, guess what?

Things I Want (in no particular order)

My name
FlyLady's Rubba Scrubba
FlyLady's De-Clutter kit
A neti pot kit
A house in Ann Arbor, MI
A house in Monroe, MI
A house in Vicksburg, MS
A house in/near Monterey, CA
Laser eye surgery
The West Wing box set
Battlestar Galactica (the current one) box set
Everything Jonathan Coulton ever recorded except for Thing-A-Week (reebar gave me the Thing-A-Week Box Set for my birthday!)
Mohabbatein (since mine is gone forever)
Koi... Mil Gaya (it's like Rain Man Meets ET and Turns Into Rocky Balboa)
3 good salwar kameez
5 good shirts for work
5 kikoys
VW Beetle
Very small pick-up truck
A good quality motor scooter
Two sheds - one for stuff and one for wlofie's workshop
An on-demand water heater like kires has
A front yard and back yard of the type kires has
New roof on the house
Modern windows on the house
A power wash and paint job for the house
The upstairs finished again properly, like with sheet rock
New drain plumbing for the house
A carport
Everything Sheri S. Tepper ever wrote
Both Kareem Salama albums
A video wristwatch
Toshiba community-size nuclear reactor
Tentacle light fixtures
A Jesus coin purse
Animal lamps
A Savage Chickens tote bag
Prayer books for interfaith ministers
Red Robot socks
Lots of silly, smart-ass, and serious T-shirts
A period tent
A GP small or medium tent
A trailer to haul event things about in
A whole buncha happiness-type self help books
A whole buncha books about prayer
A whole buncha funny books about silly things like zombie wars
Proper adjustments to my sewing machines
2 goats and all the necessary accessories
Everything xkcd
Tentacle arm
Coochie sofa

This list will get much longer as I remember things I forgot and subsequently covet more things. Oh look! It's my ThinkGeek wishlist!
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