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Growth and development

So I am taking the FlyLady thing slow. I started right before a road trip, which kind of held me up a bit on my babysteps, but I was faithful about my morning and evening routines. And still am.

My morning routine included reading Al-Anon literature already, and it feels good to have kept pace. I'm now adding a bit of study as well. Lately I'm memorizing the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed, and some of the more basic Catholic and Episcopal prayers.

Today is babystep Day 6 for me. This means hot spots. Every room has at least one hot spot, but the most dangerous ones in my house are the Pile O'Crap in the living room and the dining room table. In the interest of chipping away at Pile O'Crap, I finally posted to the local SCA lists about my knees and the likelihood that my armor will see use. A couple women are interested in putting it in action again, so hopefully by the end of the weekend, it will be out of there.

Once I'm well established in my FLYing routines, I want to start the Tibetan Rites. Whether I buy the business of the chakras and energy and all that or not, what I do have are the experiences of a good friend of mine and several people she knows. She committed to doing the rites for a full year before passing judgment on their effectiveness, and at the end of that year, she gave them a hearty double thumbs-up. I wanted to start them right away, but there's a lot of new stuff going on, and the more new stuff I pile on, the more likely I am to collapse and stick with none of it. And so it can wait wait until I feel confident about the permanence of my routines before working the Tibetans into my morning routine.
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