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Via kires - Hassan Askari rules. Way to go!

For reebar - adorable.

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Neat (vs. Sloppy)

Neat, tidy Sims typically enjoy cleaning up the house or grooming themselves
in front of a mirror. There's always something to be done around the
house and they'll more often than not be found doing it; great for a
house, but it can tire Sims out.

With their constant disregard of cleanliness and hygiene, sloppy Sims
are content to simply "be." They tend to enjoy just about anything that doesn't require planning or cleaning up on their part.


Outgoing (vs. Shy)

Outgoing Sims are likely to jump headfirst into any situation.
Charm and confidence are their best traits and when they're in a
friendly mood they enjoy group activities most of all. Keep an eye
on these characters, though; outgoing Sims can be too brash, and
others aren't always so impressed.

Introspective and quiet, shy Sims often think about the world around them
and write in their diaries rather than actually interact with anyone. It
may be harder to break out of their shells, but if shy Sims take the time
to get to know others they'll be delighted by the social world awaiting


Active (vs. Lazy)

Active Sims are almost always on the move but need a lot of food and
sleep to keep up their hectic pace. They're apt to be happiest while
breaking a sweat, an exhausting idea to most other Sims. An active Sim
will usually get more enjoyment from watching sports on TV than reading
a book.

Lazy Sims have been known to veg out on the couch for hours on end, so
naturally, they don't need much sleep to sustain their constant lazying.
They still enjoy socializing wiht other Sims and can be persuaded to get
out of the house once in a while.


Playful (vs. Serious)

Playful Sims are more likely to find entertainment and fun in the
world around them; they tend to be more curious than any other Sim.
They may have a lighthearted nature, but they can wear themselves out
with their antics, as well as get on their fellow Sim's nerves.

Serious, quiet, thoughtful Sims are more inclined to enjoy logic puzzles and
good conversation, but they don't respond too well to chaos or silly
behavior. Repairing broken items or working on an important project
can keep serious Sims content.


Nice (vs. Grouchy)

Encouraging and generous, nice Sims tend to be easy to get along with
and very positive. They'll listen to what other Sims have to say whether
it's interesting or not and clean up after dirty roommates. If they
don't watch out though, other Sims may take advantage of their good

Grouchy Sims, despite their sour mood, can still be social creatures.
They'll probably enjoy teasing a Sim as much as telling a joke. They
don't seem to mind when other Sims overreact and they like playing a
game as much as anyone else, but be warned: they tend to be sore

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