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Okay, I think all my journals are back up. If there's breakage, I hope that people let me know.

Meanwhile, superheroes on bicycles, doing good deeds.
We even have a Superhero Hotline people can call to request a rescue. In Asheville, North Carolina, we cleaned up a riverfront and turned it into bike lanes. In New Orleans, we did demolition work and cleanup projects.

Man in Uniform

1. Dating your recruiter can get him discharged. Other punitive stuff too.

2. It's the 80s and he's a Vietnam vet. Do the math.

Wow. That's all I can think of. Frank truly was a really great guy. He treated me with decency and respect most of the time, and with some incredibly hot lovin' the rest of the time. Probably the reason we didn't get married was my own immaturity. I had a lot of wild oats to sow, so, much as I adored him, how long could a bass fisherman back home hold my attention? Eventually we drifted apart, but now I'm thinking maybe I drifted away.

I do wonder what happened to him.

Edit: Looks like he's still fishin', anyway.
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