Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew

Coming out

Now that I'm not fighting for custody anymore and the dust appears to have settled, it might be time to achieve full normalcy. At least normal for me, anyway. I've changed the LJ settings so that my default posting mode won't be Friends Only anymore. I now have to see if I can find a tool to make my Friends Only posts become public again, without changing posts made under custom filters.

I also need to do some cleanup on my pre-LJ journals. I renamed crucial elements of their file paths to make them just a bit harder to get.

If the current financial disparity can be corrected, I'd like for Wlofie and me to resume our previous social activities, if he's still interested. I miss the people, and I miss that kind of time with him.

The rest of the stuff is starting to even out - school, healthcare appointments, etc. I still feel kind of jumpy and paranoid, but it's time to put that stuff away.
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