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Spring's reasons, part 1

Thanks to my Fatally Depressed Coworker I have a copy of Emily's Reasons Why Not. It's a fun little book, although the author badly needed an editor. There were some really fundamental flaws in the mechanics that were a bit distracting.

The overall premise is intriguing, though, and I think I might do the ten reasons thing as an exercise myself. The idea is that for each person with whom you have a relationship in your adult life (teens is too early) you list ten reasons that should have indicated against being involved with them.

Not The Kid

Reason #1: When people say things like, "You're such a good influence on him," it's not a good sign.

Reason #2: When the other women in his life are bitches, what does he expect you to be?

Reason #3: A sex related injury deserves some sympathy. Maybe a little remorse.

Reason #4: If he's pleased or at best unconcerned that your grades are tanking and you're losing your religion, he may not be entirely selfless.

Reason #5: Collecting auto accidents the way other people collect ticket stubs may be a sign of danger.

Reason #6: If he's one year older than you but one year behind you in school, that might become an issue, for him or for you.

Reason #7: There's a difference between trust and indifference. He doesn't care where you are.

Reason #8: Just out of high school really is too soon to get married in this day and age. Even for rednecks like us.

Reason #9: People are really not that drastically different on the inside. There is no secret identity.

Reason #10: He's not ready to have kids, even though there's one coming anyway. Tough luck, too bad.

I counted this relationship although it started when I was still 18 because it does cross over into my adult life and because it was Heavy, Life Altering Shit. So there.
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