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Spring Dew [userpic]

Notes from the past couple of days that I didn't post

November 8th, 2007 (08:59 pm)

Cats swimming:

Horses playing with cats:

For the first time in ages, pain is down to its normal level. I could dance on rooftops! I feel like dancing on my tippy toes. I'd jump around if it wouldn't make me pee.

I don't know which factors play the biggest role in the change:

-- Glucosamine+chondritin.
-- Taking it easy on the knees and hips.
-- The change in the weather.

Whatever, thank heaven!

Other positive news - I'm starting again with FlyLady and that feels incredible. I feel like I made so much progress with so little effort. Several places in the house look much improved, and I have good plans for several more. Al-Anon stuff is going well. My sponsor has me studying the basics from the Big Book. Part of that is listening to a seminar on disk. It's pretty enlightening, and funny, too. I like that it's by salt-of-the-earth type folks, regular folks. That's alright.