Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew

Why, yes, dwer ...

... I am taking glucosamine. :-) Thanks also to bunny42, whose ringing endorsement spurred me. In an act of syncrhonicity, the morning after I purchased some glucosamine + chondritin chews from Wal-Mart, Bunny sent me some in tablet form as well (thanks!), so now I have plenty to work with. kires assures me I need gelatin as well. :-P Not really looking forward to that, but what the hell. My cartilage is important to me.

Course, it would probably be most helpful to disrupt my schedule long enough to get to the doctor and get some x-rays. Osteoarthritis shows up, nothing ambiguous about it. And luckily, my doc has an in-house x-ray room. I don't have to get sent anywhere.
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