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Spring Dew

[sca] Fightin'

My heavy weapons avocation might have ended before it began. My knees started getting pretty painful, so I gave the weight training a rest, but the knees got worse and worse and then the hips joined in. It's been two weeks off. Or more, I lost track. I'm feeling pretty decrepit now and don't see how in the world I can fight like this and not damage myself.

This pisses me off. Robin was encouraging me to fight at Gulf Wars, and I really want to, if I could make it out there at all. GW is right at the top of FCAT season, but I think my kids can take some tests without me.

But I don't want to go through the motions if I know I'm not strong enough to keep my shield up and actually fight. I don't want to be a sham. I also don't want to be an injury. Bruises are one thing; blown knees are something else again, and I'm finding out a lot about them in my life lately.
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