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[sca] Getting fit and other things

So, I haven’t written much (anything?) about my SCAdian development lately. As posted earlier, I did acquire armor. I’ve adapted one of the shields for lefty combat, and in doing so, realized ever so much more so how much upper body strength I need to develop. It’s also been pretty plain to me that my all-around strength and constitution need some work. It’s freaking hot. And I just can’t be dying all over the place from hauling my carcass around.

Last week I started a new practical fitness regimen. It’s the same one the Army used on me to get me fit. I haul shit around and I do stuff. I dug out one of my duffel bags and lined it with my foam bedroll, so’s my stuff doesn’t bruise my back up too bad. I put my helm in it, along with my usual backpack. I put my practice sword in there, too, the one that’s cracked. It looks kind of stupid right now because I ran out of regular duct tape, and all I had left was the super silvery stuff I used for boffers, but the look doesn’t matter.

The result is that I have weight to haul around and a couple useful heavy things to heft about here and there for strength building. There are lots of times in the day when I’m using my mind and my voice and not so much my hands, so I can do various curls and lifts and isometrics and such then.

So, now I have all this weight to shlep when I ride the bike to the bus stop in Lake Worth and walk from the train station to work in Boca, and vicey versa. I have things to heft in slack time. Plus I do front-leaning-rest exercises in their beauteous variety when I’m waiting places. And I have one of those springy things you use to improve your grip, thanks to my Fatally Depressed Coworker.

The first week has been good. I’ve been getting a pretty good burn in the major muscle groups, and I never realized the added cardio benefit of a significant amount of weight added to a bike in a top heavy fashion. I hadn’t been out of breath on a bike in months, until this week. Friday I erred in hurrying on foot to catch a bus and felt the warning signs of bone stress in my left shin and foot bones, so I am watching out for that. I didn’t haul weight yesterday or today, and it feels a lot better.

Still want to work in some crunches somehow or other. That’s a little bit trickier as location is more important for these. Meanwhile, I’ll keep going with the current weight for another week, and depending on how that’s going, add the another piece or two to the bag. The idea is to keep adding gradually until I’m hauling all my stuff.

In other news, I still haven’t made anything out of the boat load of linen I bought at Gulf Wars. I keep changing my mind. What I really need, though, are several decent, cool underdresses, so that’s probably going to be the focus. I have a bunch of maintenance and refinement to do on my existing garb as well.

An illumination project is also fluttering around in my mind. I have some work I did last year but didn’t develop into anything useful. I’d like to find it and trace it onto a new scroll. So far it hasn’t turned up anywhere. Hope I didn’t destroy it, but even if I did, the elements are familiar enough that I could do it again.

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